N scale RDC approaching bridge

Diorama Projects

Here are some diorama projects I’ve documented recently:

Other diorama projects I have planned.

  • Abandoned greenhouse diorama
  • Shinkansen 700 series diorama
  • Japanese EF8185 Loco diorama
  • Sagano/Arashiyama Bamboo Forest Book Nook
  • Balcony Garden diorama or Book Nook
  • Potting bench and raised beds diorama or book nook
  • Woodshop book nook
  • Mine book nook
  • Fan Tan alley book nook
  • Hanoi’s train street book nook
  • Battle of the Planets/Gatchaman Phoenix leaving hanger diorama
  • Fisgard lighthouse diorama
  • Campfire scene (either on my model railroad or as a separate diorama)
  • “Japan’s Machu Picchu” Takeda castle ruins diorama